Perfect little circles of aromatic almonds, these lovely Parisian cookies are made crispy on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle. Every bite evokes sweet memories and delicious dreams, and in our kitchen, macarons are treated as precious gems! Each of our macarons has its own personality – and all of them are made to savour for their delicacy and unique character.

Classic Flavours Seasonal Flavours

Vanilla Bean
Pure Chocolate
Salty Caramel
Lemon Raspberry
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Orange

Black Sesame
Rocky Mountain
Coffee Caramel
Green Tea
Earl Grey Marnier
Rum & Raisin
Pumpkin Spice
Raspberry Charlotte

And many more!

Mini Macarons
We also craft mini macarons, available in Chocolate and Strawberry flavours, at S$1.50 each.  

Our standard macarons are priced at S$2.50 per exquisite piece.

Our standard macarons are also available in our signature blue boxes and priced as follows:
Macarons Price

6 pieces


12 pieces


20 pieces


24 pieces


2 pieces party favour
clear canister with ribbon


3 pieces party favour
clear canister with ribbon


Chocolate Truffle Cakes
are also one of our top sellers!
These scrumptious cakes are topped with our signature Standard Macarons and priced as follows:

  • 6” Cake at S$35.00 + 15 Macarons at S$75.00,
  • 8” Cake at S$70.00 + 25 Macarons at S$135.00,
  • 10” Cake at S$100.00 + 40 Macarons at S$200.00.


Please consult us if you require more than 50 macarons, specific flavours, and/or mini macarons!