About Us
Our Sweets
ET Artisan Sweets is a bespoke cake boutique, specialising in Parisian macarons, cupcakes, decorated celebration cakes, wedding cakes, dessert tables and events.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the purity of taste and the art of eating well. Our sweets celebrate the nourishing goodness of natural flavours. Designed to deliver exquisite taste, our desserts combine the finest ingredients - Madagascar vanilla, French cream, pure sweet butter, and only the best imported chocolates from around the world.

Inspired by Earth's natural bounty, our menu also evolves to reflect each season's freshest fruit and berries. We employ traditional French culinary techniques – with an American twist – to create our delicious deserts. Each sweet is crafted and baked in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

Our Brand

The charming foliate motifs on our signature boxes capture the essence of our brand and identity. Like flowers budding in springtime, or summer berries ripe for the picking, each delicately handcrafted sweet promises to delight the senses, and to evoke lovely memories.

May each bite be